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We Need To Stop Talking About Taylor Swift


Surprise surprise!

People are coming for Taylor Swift...again.

This time it's over Kesha's shitty-ass situation.

Let's rewind.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, Kesha is going through a royally fucked-up situation with her record label and record producer.

Kesha says she was raped by her music producer Dr. Luke and is unable to record music with him or her record label anymore. Meanwhile, Dr. Luke claims it's all lies, that she's free to do whatever she wants and she's just trying to extort him.

On Friday, she lost her case against her record label.

After the verdict, some people online came for, in typical fashion, Taylor Swift.


Then, Kesha's mom tweeted that Taylor donated $250,000.

*Jennifer Lopez voice*


First of all, let's stop for a second and think about who might be the real villain here.

Secondly, 140 is less than 250,000.

Third of all, this isn't a pissing contest for who supports Kesha more.

Fourth, again, this is about Kesha.

Fifth, this problem is bigger than any of the people involved.

Lastly, this is all fucked up. It seems like everyone's priorities are out of place. AND READ THESE THREE TWEETS: