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    Walmart Yodel Boy Just Released A Song And You Will Like It, I Swear

    2018, bb, the gift that keeps on giving!


    We have the legendary Britney Spears.

    Mel Bouzad / Getty Images

    Prolific author, Madonna.

    Matt Dunham / Reuters

    And the unstoppable Janet Jackson...side note, I think the general public and all you pop queens don't talk about her enough, but that's another BuzzFeed post!

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    Now, NOW, there's a new pop legend in town bringing the bops.

    The Walmart Video

    In literally two weeks, Mason Ramsey got a record deal.


    Just think: Christina Aguilera has been talking about releasing new music for YEARS and Mason released a new song in a week. Impact. Also, XTINA WHERE IS THE SINGLE?!

    Anyway, Mason's first song is out and it's called "Famous."

    Atlantic Records

    While hesitant at first, I have to admit. It's a bop!

    We officially stan Mason Ramslegend!

    The lyrics are poetic and speak to me. He's 11, but he might as well be 37. He sounds like like a literal child of 11 but with great wisdom.

    The Walmart Video

    These lyrics particularly:

    If I'm gonna be famous for somethin'
    I wanna be famous for lovin' you
    If I'm gonna be known around the world
    I wanna because of you, girl.

    Listen to the song here and buy it on iTunes:

    View this video on YouTube

    What a time to be alive!


    Note: I was given misinformation by my colleague, who shall not be named, about the age of Mason. He is actually 11 and not nine. Sorry to upset you all.

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