Victoria Beckham Shared A Thirst Trap Of David Beckham For His Birthday, And People In The Comments Are Rejoicing

    I'm with the "not enough" people.

    Victoria and David Beckham have been married for 23 years.

    Victoria and David Beckham walking down the street. David is wearing a baggy tracksuit and Victoria is wearing a blazer, jeans and heels

    Remember the good ol' days when they had the same haircut?

    Closeup of David and Victoria Beckham rocking the same short haircut

    So, David turned 48 the other day.

    Closeup of Victoria and David Beckham walking while holding hands

    And Victoria did what any loving wife would do...

    Victoria Beckham using a computer

    She posted a picture of her husband in his underwear getting out of a hot tub:

    The comments were overwhelmingly...thirsty.

    One Instagram comment says "God bless you Victoria [laughing, crying emoji"

    The wet tighty whitie lovers came out in droves.

    Gotta love a nice wet pair of tighty whities [raised hands emoji]

    Some people were thankful.

    The content we need and deserve. Now pivot slightly to the right

    But others wanted more.

    Don't be shy, show us the front [three laughing, crying emojis]

    "Not enough," this thirsty monster screamed.

    "Front pose can you?" another begged.

    This person had the brilliant idea of reaching out to Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman's significant others.

    Anyway, thank you for your service, Victoria.

    Now, please, get Spice World on streaming.