Two Pictures Of Usher From 2005 Vs. 2023 Have Gone Viral Because The Man Doesn't Age

    "Ain’t much changed."

    When it comes to *not aging* one person always gets the Winnie Sanderson Award for Siphoning Youth.

    Paul Rudd, duh.

    Paul Rudd smiles at the camera at an event. He's wearing a suit and tie and has his hands in his pockets

    But another person has also looked the same for 20+ years, and it seems like their lack of aging (aka good genes) are finally getting some credit.

    A water garden sculpture of a little girl with her hand under a pot that is spilling water

    Usher, obviuosly. That's who this post is about! You clicked on it!

    Usher waving on the blue carpet of the Vanity Fair after party

    The man has looked like this for 20+ years:

    A younger dapper Usher in a tuxedo

    Two pictures from almost 20 years apart have gone viral.

    Usher at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party: 2005 x 2023

    Getty Images/ Twitter: @Coolness941

    Exhibit A: 2005 Usher.

    A younger dapper Usher in a tuxedo and two diamond stud earrings. He's smiling as he looks to the side

    Exhibit B: 2023 Usher.

    Usher on the blue carpet of the Vanity Fair after party wearing an asymmetrical suit

    He's 44 now, but hey! I wouldn't have guessed it because he's been famous since he was, like, 14.

    usher in 2023

    If you're *in the know* you know he looks very much the same since the "How U Remind Me" days.

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    Here he is in 2003:

    closeup of Usher smiling wearing a newsboy cap

    And here he is in 2023:

    Here he is 20 years ago:

    usher sitting on a couch wearing all denim

    And here he is now:

    usher sitting for an interview

    Usher has apparently caught wind of his viral tweet and replied to it:

    Ain’t much changed 😉

    Getty Images/ Twitter: @Usher

    Ain’t much changed, is right.