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    A Clip Of US Senators Showing Off Their Nasty Bachelor Pad Is Going Viral, And Just, Like, How Did They Live That Way?

    It's so familiar yet so disturbing.

    Welcome to the house where a handful of US senators lived for over 30 years.

    A person opening the front door into the darkened house that has items strewn about
    CNN / Via

    There are windows covered in bedsheets.

    Mangled-ass blinds.

    CNN / Via

    Blown-out wall sockets.

    CNN / Via

    A busted-out chair.

    A wicker chair with a huge hole in the seat
    CNN / Via

    A tub of lotion on a dirty cabinet top, next to a phone that doesn't work.

    CNN / Via

    And a teapot from the 1800s on a stove that has never been used.

    CNN / Via

    No, this isn’t the first off-campus apartment of every straight guy you went to college with. This is apparently where grown-ass US senators lived.

    A small tv sits on a shelf in the living room surrounded by various knick knacks
    CNN / Via

    Apparently, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin and Rep. George Miller lived there while they worked in Washington, DC.

    CNN / Via

    According to the New York Times, a "revolving group" of US lawmakers lived there for over 30 years. The house, which was owned by Miller, was finally sold in 2014.

    A 2013 CNN clip of the three senators showing off their "pad" is going viral after the Yeah, but Still podcast posted it yesterday.

    Twitter: @YeahStill

    And luckily for us, the full version of CNN's tour is still online, and it's completely and totally deranged.

    View this video on YouTube


    It's basically this old Hillary Clinton meme in reverse:

    More @HillaryClinton in East Harlem.

    Twitter: @joshrobin

    In the entire video, we see bulk spices that are clearly over 10 years old.

    The bulk spices sit on a ledge over the stovetop
    CNN / Via

    A mouse trap to catch whatever brave rodent would want to waddle through that mess.

    The mousetrap says "Victor" and has a V
    CNN / Via

    A random cardboard cutout of President Barack Obama.

    CNN / Via

    A couch from the early '90s that you can basically smell.

    The couch, which can seat three people, has a throw blanket and two matching pillows on either side
    CNN / Via

    Another couch that was definitely someone's dead grandma's and probably smells like Jean Naté and stale cigarettes.

    CNN / Via

    And the stove, which just, like, has holes in it.

    CNN / Via

    What did they eat?

    The fridge is filled with beer, milk, two partially-filled water filters, and condiments such as hot sauce and mustard
    CNN / Via

    Bulk boxes of cereal, of course.

    Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, and Cheerios sit haphazardly on a table
    CNN / Via

    They had records that literally hadn't been touched since 1982. Like, I'm not making that up: Schumer said that the same records were still there from the day he moved in in 1982.

    CNN / Via

    That poster was definitely on the wall when they got the house too.

    The three senators stand in front of the poster, which features a bowl of fruit
    CNN / Via

    The "medicine" cabinet is on top of a microwave.

    The "medicine cabinet" holds a brush, Tom's brand of deodorants and three products from the Clinique for Men collection
    CNN / Via

    The bed is unmade, and they're using a chair as a side table.

    CNN / Via

    The air-conditioner is just hanging out in the middle of the floor.

    The air-conditioner is on the floor directly in front of a window
    CNN / Via

    To call this a frathouse is an understatement.

    The walls have been badly scratched throughout the years and the blinds have not been taken care off
    CNN / Via

    It's deranged.

    CNN / Via

    The only things missing are a burned-out candle with cigarette ashes in it:

    A coffee table that looks like this:

    The coffee table has old beer bottles, beer cans, glasses, half-empty jars of snacks and general dirt all over it

    Jugs of empty whey protein on top of the cabinets:

    And a sink full of hair:

    But while we didn't get to see their bathroom, we can all agree that this is probably EXACTLY what we would have seen:

    A new roll of toilet paper partially hanging off the roll on top of the old empty roll