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Taylor Swift's 2017 4th Of July Party Was Very Different From Her 2016 Party

Uncle Joe and Aunt Pam got drunk and started saying fucked-up shit.

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Taylor Swift's annual 4th of July party is big news. Every year, all of us uglies wait in anticipation for Taylor and her rich-ass friends to upload a shit ton of pics on all of their Instagram accounts. It's like a party for the 1 percent on speed and skim lattes.

THAT'S HOW IT NORMALLY GOES, but this year's 4th of July Taylorpalooza was decidedly different than her past parties.

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^The huge-ass mansion where the party happens every year in Rhode Island.

Now, because this is BuzzFeed and this is fun, let's compare last year's party with what might have gone down at this year's party.