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    The 20 Types Of Moms That Use Snapchat

    For everyone who understands what it's like to have a mom on Snapchat.

    HOT NEW TREND: Moms on Snapchat. If you're part of the growing population of children with Snapchatting moms, then you understand what I'm talking about. I'm here to help. And just remember, you are not alone.

    There are currently five known stages of MSA (Mom Snapchat Addiction).

    STAGE ONE: Introduction. You receive a snap from your mom out of the blue. You think: OK, this is weird, but whatever. This could be cute.

    STAGE TWO: Addiction. You're receiving snaps all of the time. It's starting to weird you out. Is mom OK?

    STAGE THREE: Obsession. She can't stop. You're worried. Something is definitely wrong.

    It's scary.

    STAGE 4: PANIC. She has no filter. She's sending snaps to all of your friends. An intervention is needed.

    STAGE 5: Banishment.

    Twitter: @emmaajeffs


    There are currently 20 known types of Snapchatting moms. It's helpful to understand what type of snapper your mom is to get the right treatment. Below is a list of the types.

    1. The dick-drawer:

    Twitter: @_BrookeConnors

    Obviously inappropriate and makes you feel uncomfortable. The ball hair is really the most troubling part.

    The fact that it's on grandma is even worse.

    2. The sleeper:

    Twitter: @sutherland_

    She lives for the bus, the subway, and large groups of people in confined spaces. You're worried you'll get caught and punched in the face some day. It's not safe.

    3. The mom who secretly hates you:

    4. The attention whore:

    She lives for the applause. If you don't snap back, prepare to be berated with single-word snaps.

    She may even bleed.

    5. The mom whose snaps make absolutely no sense at all:

    Twitter: @horanlovin

    It's all so cryptic.

    6. The inanimate objects snapper:

    Twitter: @amanda_angul0

    Cool lamp, mom.

    Twitter: @SierraMarieRowe

    Cool clock, mom.

    7. The birder:

    She takes blurry pictures of birds in roofs or trees.

    8. The snapper who doesn't think you know what a piano is:


    9. The snapper who doesn't think you know what a sprinkler is:

    10. The mom who is constantly snapping you vegetables in hopes that you'll start eating them:

    Twitter: @krrristenclaire


    11. The mom who sends passive aggressive snapchats of your father controlling the remote control:

    12. The mom who is always exercising with grandma and her friends:

    13. The "bored at work" mom:

    Twitter: @3Krystianna

    She takes pictures where she pretends she's sleeping. She's not.

    14. The pooper:

    Twitter: @_emilyjoan


    15. The mom who makes elaborate drawings on her limbs:

    16. The mom who snaps pictures of your sleeping grandmother:

    Twitter: @ellenreinhart

    That's kind of mean, mom. Also hilarious.

    17. The interpretive artist:

    Twitter: @ratchtheiler


    18. The mom who speaks in a different language:

    Twitter: @_TheRealSykes

    Great googly moogly!!

    19. The legitimately terrifying:

    20. The mom who calls you a bitch fart:

    Twitter: @iizzziii

    No, mom. Just no.