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If Your Mom Doesn't Hold Their Phone Like This Then She's Probably Not A Mom

No really why?

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From the dawn of time, or at least from the dawn of when someone decided it was a good idea to give a mom a smartphone, every mom has held their phone the EXACT same way.

In the words of immortal Robert Stack, "Join me. Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery."

All moms hold their phones and text like this

It can't be explained.

Thought my mom was the only one who holds her phone like this, didn't know it was all moms😂😂

It's like an episode of Black Mirror except it's just 60 minutes of moms using a phone.

My mom holds her phone with one hand and types with the other...what are you even doing...

Mayhaps you have an answer?

why does every mom gotta text like this?

Mayhaps you can help?

Mayhaps we can solve this mystery.

Is it because the phone is too heavy?

#wcw all moms who text like mine

Is it because they can't see the phone?

Every mom in the world holds the phone and take pictures like this😂😭 #Riverdale

Why so gentle?

Why so careful?

Mayhaps this is one of those mysteries that remain UNSOLVED.



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