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26 Mom Texts That Are Actually Hilarious

No one sends text messages like moms send text messages. No one.

1. "See you there"

2. "Avacoda"

3. "Best salads!"

4. "Left coffee on"

5. "Johns on nightwork"

6. "They cost 50 cents"

7. "Got really good deals at Kroger"

8. "Birth quake"

9. "Mom that's not what that means"

10. "Omg just opened the dryer"

11. "Drinking almond milk latte"

12. "Well you enjoy"

13. "Great!"

14. "I feel so bad"

15. "What does it look like?"

16. "Just letting you know"

17. "LUCKY"

18. "Please share with your friends"

19. "Please don't smoke"

20. "Please bring home gloves and mask"

21. "Are you ok?"

22. ": \"

23. "On a conference call what's up?"

24. "Little old lady"

25. "Wake me up"

26. The luckiest woman ever.

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