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People Are "Losing Their Minds" After Finally Learning How To Properly Say "Tove Lo"

Now, hopefully this will get more people streaming her music.

Tove Lo is definitely one of THE most underrated musicians out there.

You probably know her from "Habits."

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Or "Talking Body."

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But she has an entire discography with very few, IF ANY, misses.

There's the incredible "How Long?"

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The perfect "Disco Tits."

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And her amazing new song, "No One Dies from Love."

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But before we get into too much random gay jabbering about how iconic and underrated Tove is, we need to discuss something.

We need to talk about how we've been mispronouncing her name for all these years.

And before we go any further, it's worth nothing that Tove is Swedish.

Soooo, the great Tove awakening started with a little guest feature on RuPaul's Drag Race:

THAT’S how you pronounce Tove Lo!?!?

Paramount+/ Twitter: @alsoabouteve

RuPaul's pronunciation caught everyone off guard.

wtf that’s how you pronounce tove lo???

Paramount+/ Twitter: @skylinescotty

To say people were surprised is an understatement.

You could give me 100 tries to pronounce Tove Lo and I would NOT get this

Twitter: @ColinMyName_

From disbelief...

i’m still not over finding out how tove lo is pronounced

Twitter: @110trap "my whole life has been a lie."

I’ve just found out how Tove Lo is pronounced. My whole life has been a lie

Twitter: @YouLoveLeona

Everyone was *Kylie Jenner* realizing things.

Was anyone else completely thrown that Tove Lo is actually pronounced like, Toovay Loo? 🤯🤯

Twitter: @dj_shutter_slc

Then Tove chimed in and said "this is not news."

this is not news

Paramount+/Twitter: @ToveLo

But then one of her followers pointed out that she herself actually says her name differently!

@ToveLo Okay but he still didn’t pronounce it correctly according to you 😭

Universal/ Twitter: @chromaticadlx

So, what is the truth? How the hell do you say it then?


Just when I was about to give up, Tove has gone on TikTok to set the record straight!


@Duolingo help a girl out?

♬ original sound - Tove Lo

In conclusion, Tove just announced her new LP, Dirt Femme, is out this October. Let's get excited about that!

#DirtFemme, my FIFTH album, comes out Oct 14th. It’s dramatic, cinematic, highly emotional and sexy. It is about me and my relationship with my femininity. How it’s helped me and hurt me. I hope you love it 🥹❤️🦂 Pre order now bitches!!