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    42 Surreal Pictures That Show Just How Powerful The Kentucky Tornadoes Were

    It's honestly hard to wrap your head around this kind of devastation. It doesn't look like Earth.

    1. On Dec. 10, extremely powerful tornadoes tore through five states.

    Would u believe me if I said a house was here? Well there was.. This is in Bremen, KY #KYwx

    Twitter: @INstormchasing

    2. People woke up to a completely unrecognizable world.

    Wreckage from the tornado seen through a broken window

    3. Tornadoes with winds over 150 mph came through overnight. One of the hardest states hit was Kentucky.

    🌪️🌪️INCREDIBLE STRENGTH! Here are the latest EF ratings for the 2 most impactful #tornadoes that ravaged western #Kentucky.📺Join me for latest on News 5 at 10pm (MeTV) & 11pm on WLWT Ch. 5. @wlwt #Mayfield #BowlingGreen #tornado #QuadStateTornado @KevinWLWT @RandiRicoWLWT

    Twitter: @SteveNorrisTV

    4. To show how strong that is, all that's left standing from this building is a bookcase.

    All that’s left standing is their bookcase with almost every book intact. 💔 📚🙏🏻 #Mayfield

    Twitter: @RieMcAz

    5. And that's a door wrapped around a tree.

    A door wrapped around a completely denuded tree from the Dresden, Tennessee tornado. Source:

    Twitter: @Oakhurst_Wx

    6. In some places, all that's left are concrete slabs.

    As satellite data comes in from Kentucky, I am more and left in awe at the power of the Mayfield tornado - cycloidal markings, slab after slab of demolished homes, tractor trailers in the middle of dense woods from who knows where... #kywx

    Twitter: @DualDoppler

    7. One of the only ways to see the extent of the damage has been through drones. The only recognizable thing in this photo is the road.

    8. Otherwise, it's just a slew of debris. This appears to be a parking lot or a car dealership:

    9. It's hard to wrap your head around because it looks so unfamiliar.

    A car with its windows blown out amongst the wreckage as two people look on

    10. Cinder blocks scattered about like they weigh nothing.

    11. Cars impaled with 2x4s.

    12. That's a piece of concrete embedded in a fence.

    13. The winds were so strong that it de-barked trees.

    14. It was just that powerful.

    These trees debarked near Buckeye, AR show the power of this tornado. #arwx @NWSMemphis

    Twitter: @ryanvaughan

    15. Trucks scattered around like toys.

    16. Phone poles snapped in half.

    17. A ceiling fan deflated.

    18. Debris on debris.

    19. That's a tree wrapped in metal sheets presumably from a building.

    20. Houses barely hanging on.

    21. Walls and ceilings torn off.

    22. A train derailed, tossed off the tracks.

    23. Just piles and piles of anything and everything.

    24. That's an SUV engine randomly in the middle of a field, seemingly torn out of the car.

    25. Trees snapped like twigs.

    The trees in the woods around Finley in Taylor County, Kentucky, just south of me, were snapped like twigs last night from a tornado that touched down. @MarcWeinbergWX @WxStrong

    Twitter: @DSnig

    26. Look how big that one is:

    27. Mailboxes strewn about.

    28. Mail trucks too.

    29. That's a church.

    30. And that's a liquor store trying to salvage any unbroken bottles.

    31. That's a boat, just sitting there.

    32. A ripped-up hot tub on the side of the road.

    33. School buses tossed around.

    34. Trailers impaled by trees.

    35. The satellite shots are chilling. This is the before:

    36. And this is the after:

    37. Just complete devastation.

    38. But as we go into a new week, rebuilding has already begun.

    The sun is rising over southern Kentucky this morning…a beautiful start to the day which makes it even hard to process the devastation of the tornadoes below from the weekend. #tornado #Kentucky #KYwx @NC5

    Twitter: @HenryRothenberg

    39. Electricity poles are being strung.

    Forty hours after the tornado demolished this section of Mayfield, @ATT crews already stringing new lines.

    Twitter: @WLKYMark

    40. People are finding personal pictures hundreds of miles away from the storm.

    This photo was found 128 miles away

    Twitter: @TWCChrisBruin

    41. As people from across the area are coming to help out.

    This man drove half an hour with a grill and a truckload of food and parked right in the middle of #Mayfield, Kentucky.

    Twitter: @TheOrdonezTimes

    42. There's some hope in all this devastation.

    This was the line to donate supplies today in Bowling Green. The love that the people of Kentucky have for one another will never stop inspiring me.

    Twitter: @KryptoStoik