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Top 10 American Idol Reaction Videos From This Year's Finale

Remember this amazing video of the girls reaction to David Archuleta losing last years American Idol? Well, more people filmed their reactions for this years finale and they're pretty insane. Here are the top 10 reactions as found on the Tube. Adam Lambert fans are pisssssed.

  • 10.Disgraced mom

  • 9.What the hell is wrong with America? Jesus.

  • 8.This guys got talent up the butt. And that black girl.

  • 7.What the crap?

  • 6.Breakdown.

  • 5.Yeah yeah yeah yeah! Yeah! Yeah yeah!

  • 4.Did that just happen? No really. Did that just happen? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?

  • 3.Mom: Oh My Gosh!

  • 2.This is not happening. Not happening.

  • 1.My pissed off Aunt.

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