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    24 Hipsters Who Need To Be Immediately Fucking Stopped

    It's all too much.

    1. First of all, bagels are being made out of SPAGHETTI?!?!?!?

    Spaghetti donuts are here — and you can get your own starting this weekend.

    2. These things are called "hand salads." What does this mean? It means people are DIPPING LEAVES into dressing. This is not a salad. This is a leaf. A LEAF!

    It's called a "hand salad" but let's not focus on that

    3. Tea is being served like some kind of damn physics experiment.

    4. Look what they've done to spaghetti.

    You're going to love this: DECONSTRUCTED SPAG BOL, La Folie Douce, Val d'isere, €29 (@WeWantPlates)

    5. Sandwiches are being served in book cases. YOU CAN'T READ A SANDWICH!

    6. This lettuce is basically in salad jail.

    This is not what I expected when I ordered a Caesar salad


    8. Bread isn't a toy. It's a way of life.

    "Would you like some bread while you wait?" *five minutes later* "I'M FORTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD." (Pic: @megoizzy)

    9. These are fries not G.D. Season 12 of Doctor Who!!!

    *dials 999* "Hello, what's your emergency?" "I ordered a sandwich and it's been served in a phone box." (Pic:…

    10. They made cheese dangerous. SWEET, BEAUTIFUL CHEESE!

    11. Tempura is being suffocated inside a high heel.

    @WeWantPlates the table next to us got their tempura in a handbag......

    12. That's a shoe! A SHOE! A STINKY-ASS SHOE!

    13. A drink out of a lightbulb... OK!?!?!?!

    I love this lemonade drink from lightbulb resto bar 💡 So coool right? 😁

    14. I'm so hangry.

    15. No one should ever know how much mac 'n' cheese they're about to stuff into their gullet.

    I need to draw the line on this hipster food presentation. This is a goddamn measuring cup.

    16. People, hummus should NOT BE sweet.

    Oh lord, now they've ruined hummus. What is this #hipsternonsense?

    17. Pots are for flows! FOR FLOWS!

    18. What even in the????

    Got this thing today " 'I have to charge my beanie' is the most hipster thing I've ever heard" - @HawkAnimations

    19. Mason jar shot glasses? Got ya covered!

    is this image real or fake? has urban outfitters gone too far???

    20. In the time it took you to find something to play this cassette on, you could listen to this song on the radio 18 times.

    FYI, Urban Outfitters is selling cassettes for $14 😂

    21. $148 for a necklace with pizza on it! If you love pizza that much just buy a slice for 148 days and carry it around with you! It's cheaper!

    you've gone too far @ urban outfitters

    22. Why would you pee into a damn cauldron?!!!

    Is this the ultimate hipster toilet? NY? Berlin? London? Nah, Otley folk festival mate.

    23. Cassettes are gone for a reason!

    It's official: @UrbanOutfitters has officially taken 90s novelty TOO FAR.

    24. This is a sandwich, not trash. It doesn't deserve this.

    I told the waitress, ripping the piss, that she forgot to give me the brush. Ripping the piss, she brought me one.

    And bacon hangin' like a pair of undies on a hot summer day. Christ on a cracker!

    Though, to be honest, I'd eat every single one of these.