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    Tony Hawk Has Been Tweeting All Of His Awkward Encounters For Years, And It's Still Funny Every Time

    It really is funny every time.

    This is Tony Hawk.

    It was important for me to clarify that, because apparently no one ever knows who he is:

    TSA agent (checking my ID): "Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk!" Me: exactly Her: "Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days" Me: this

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    For years now, Tony Hawk has been tweeting about times people have come up to him and told him he *looks familiar.*

    Guy approaches me while standing in line at coffee shop in Cancún. Him: my friend says you are a famous person. Is that true? Me: that depends on your definition of fame Him: will you show up on Google if I search your name? Me: yes Him (typing into phone): you are Tony Stark?

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    It happens at rental car agencies:

    At rental car agency, can’t find my name on the monitor to find my car, go inside & wait in line. Finally get to the front, agent sees me & says “you really are Tony Hawk” Me: um, yes. I was looking for my name outside on the list Him: “I deleted it because I thought it was fake”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    It happens at drive-thrus:

    Pulling up to drive-through window, girl starts to read back my order and stops herself: “you’re Tony Hawk?” me: yes her: “can I tell everyone?” me: I suppose her: “yo, we got Tony Hawk at the window!” voice from kitchen: “Who?”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    He's not safe at random paintball places:

    Returning paintball equipment after our son’s birthday bash. Girl collecting gear (looking down at list): “Last name?” me: Hawk her: “First name?” me: Tony her: “Haha, cool name!” me: Thanks! She looks up at me. I pause awkwardly. She looks back down. “Next!”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    He can't avoid it at NYC delis:

    In NYC, guy cutting meat at deli looks up with confusion: “you freaked me out, I thought you were that guy from the movie Ghost” me: Patrick Swayze? him: “No, his friend that betrays him”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    Everyone seems to think they know him:

    This interaction happens regularly (including yesterday): X = a person I don’t know XX = a city nowhere near San Diego “Hey Tony Hawk” Hello “You grew up skating with my friend X!” Where did he skate? “In XX!” I’m sorry, but I grew up in San Diego “Pretty sure it was you though”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    People confuse him for Tom Brady:

    guy at restaurant: "you famous?" me: I think that depends on who you ask him: "anyone ever tell you that you look like Tom Brady?" me: never

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    They think he's a YouTuber:

    Kid at skatepark (as I arrive): “you a good skater? me: sometimes him: you ever been here? me: no him: you travel a lot? me: yes, perhaps too much him: are you a YouTuber? me: no, I’m just a skater and a dad him: wanna see me do a jump? me: absolutely ..and I then shot this pic

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    From taxis in Paris...

    Stepping out of a taxi in Paris, trying to pay and organize kids / bags. Guy on sidewalk: “hey, you are a famous sports guy, I saw a video with you and @Casey Neistat!” me: yeah, he’s cool him “can I get a selfie & your name?” me: yes, it’s Tony him: “what’s your Instagram?”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    ... to Cure concerts in Greece...

    In Athens, Greece at a Cure concert, walk up to bar to order drinks. Guy next to me: “you gotta get in the back of that long line to buy drink tokens” me: ok thanks him: hey, you’re American! me: I am him: I know you but I don’t KNOW you me: It happens him: is your name Kelly?

    Twitter: @tonyhawk the ocean in Hawaii:

    Surfing in Hawaii, paddling out to the lineup. Guy paddling next to me: “anyone tell you that you look like Tony Hawk” Me (thinking he knows the meme): “yes, but you’re the first today” Him: “you should tell people you are and then sign his name, haha” His friend: “he’s real one”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    The man can't go anywhere without a "do you know you look like Tony Hawk?"

    At Disneyland with kids, waiting in line for churros. Girl in front of me: “you look like Tony Hawks” me: really? her: “yes” me: Is that good? her, nonplussed: “I guess so”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    It's never-ending:

    Approaching ticket counter, agent looks up and exclaims “I know you... you’re a famous... person... or sports guy... skateboarder! And your name is...” (glances at my ticket) “Anthony Hawkins!” me: close enough her: my son would love a picture with you me: Is he here? her: no

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    And it's unavoidable:

    Three different people boarding this plane - in three different ways - have told me that I look like Tony Hawk as they walked by my seat. My wife turned to me after the last one and said “you started it”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    It's also funny when they realize it's actually him:

    Kid at skatepark: “Are you Tony Hawk?” me: I am him: “no you’re not” me: ok, I’m not him: “but are you, FOR REAL?” me: I am, for real him: I thought you’d look younger me: ME TOO

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    Sometimes, it works to his advantage:

    Cashier #1: “Can I help you?” Me: How long would it take to get a turkey burger to go? Cashier #1: “About 5 minutes” Cashier #2: “Are you Tony Hawk?” Me: yes Cashier #1: “Do you want a turkey burger then?” Me: yes please, and an iced tea Cashier #1: “Can I get a name?”

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    Sometimes, it's just a little bit mean:

    I’m sorry if these encounters seem redundant... but they’re all true & this just happened. Sitting at gate, guy recognizes me, walks over & says hello. Guy next to me: “you’re Tony Hawk?” Me: yes Him: “I have seen any recent pictures of you. You’ve gotten older.” Me: it happens

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    Either way, I never get sick of the stories:

    at a Covid testing site (wearing masks), handing over paperwork for me & two of my kids: woman looking over papers: "okay... Anthony, Keegan and Kadence... Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?" me: yes her: "Are you pulling my leg?" me: no, we are all directly related to him

    Twitter: @tonyhawk

    Keep it up, Brady!