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    Definitive Proof That Justin Timberlake Has Always Held NSYNC Back

    110 SECONDS IS NOT ENOUGH. Please, Justin, open your heart.

    The following is a collection of 27 times Justin Timberlake was way harsh to everyone in NSYNC. He is the road block to the reunion.

    It all makes sense now.

    It all started when...

    1. The time Justin tried to replace everyone in the group with a bunch of ladies.

    2. That other time he tried to replace Joey and Lance with Ananda Lewis.

    3. The time he covered Chris' face with a big purple star so the only thing you could see what his big multicolored pineapple head.


    5. Every time they went bowling and wouldn't let Chris play because he sucks.

    6. The time he wore Lance's pants and returned them all ripped up so Lance had to wear them at this photo shoot all damaged and shit.

    7. The time he told Chris his rattail looked "dope."

    8. That time he made Lance and Chris his "temporary slaves."

    9. When he got his ears pierced and Lance wanted his ears pierced too but Justin wouldn't let him because three of them already did.

    10. The time he made everyone play hockey even though Joey really hates hockey.

    11. The time he wouldn't let anyone drive the banana boat but him.

    12. The time Justin told Chris what to say even though he didn't want to say it because he didn't really mean it.

    13. The time he totally judged Joey and Lance after they stayed up all night and returned the next morning without so much of an excuse.

    14. The time he and Chris got in a HUGE FIGHT over who would ride the cute blonde horse.

    15. The time he made everyone wear tight little baby tees because tight little baby tees "look cute on me."

    16. The time he convinced the other guys to torture Chris.

    17. The time they were all at the salon geting their hair and nails done and he read some vicious rumor about Joey and Lance out loud.

    18. The time he refused to let Lance wear his newsboy cap even though it totally looked better on him.

    19. The time he used Joey's body to levitate.

    20. The time he and Lance had a "hair bleach-off" and wouldn't let Chris participate because "it just wasn't his style."

    21. The time he was being a little bitch and refused to stand up even though JC was being a total sweetheart to him.

    22. The time he got pissy because he was "tired of pointing."

    23. The time he pretended he had no hands.

    24. Also he barely ever cooked everyone dinner even though everyone in the band loves romance.

    25. The time when they reunited at the VMAs after 10 years and Justin still tried to control everything.

    26. The time after they reunited at the VMAs and Justin acted all embarrassed even though they are like family.

    27. And lastly, the fact that Justin only let NSYNC reunite for 110 SECONDS. THAT'S IT.