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Posted on Oct 23, 2013

This Is What Polish People Think An American House Party Is Like

One of my online friends from Poland had an American house party.

Back story: I have a friend from Poland who just posted a set of pictures from his American-themed birthday party. The album is called "American House Party."

On what they drink: "Some people drink vodka inside the soda so they can pretend to drink something without the alcohol."

Entertainment: Pocahontas:


Darth vader masks, Brooklyn nets hat, and a cat totem pole.

The food:

On punch: "It's what we know from the US movies."

And mini popcorns!

Also hot dogs (in baguettes).

There were beer bongs.

Lots and lots of beer bongs.

Posing like Americans:

On what they wore: "There wasn't a dresscode but most of the guys decided to make fun and wear hats, Supreme tees and stuff."

Miley Cyrus hair nubbins:

Red cups and deuces... also straws:

More American poses (and also a British flag?):

Peace signs!

Glow sticks!

And lots of plaid:


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