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This Is What American-Themed Parties Look Like Around The World


If you didn't already know, people around the world throw American parties and they are hilariously awesome.

Like this one in France:

Or this one in Amsterdam:

The No. 1 thing that is at every American party is red cups. For some reason, people around the world are obsessed with the fact that Americans use red cups.

Here's a tower of red cups from an American party in Russia:

And here's more proof showing that people around the world are completely baffled by them:

The No. 2 thing they tend to have at American parties is popcorn.

Or, as it says in this American party spread, "pop corns."

This table from a party in Spain combines both popcorn AND red cups:

Another popular item at American parties: marshmallows on a stick.

Basketball jerseys are a thing:

And here's a bro with a Starbucks cutout and red cup from a party in Russia:

Now that you have a basic knowledge of American parties, here's a sampling of photos from parties around the world.





And lastly, here are a few photos from a banger in Poland: