This Is What American-Themed Parties Look Like Around The World


1. If you didn’t already know, people around the world throw American parties and they are hilariously awesome.

2. Like this one in France:

3. Or this one in Amsterdam:


4. The No. 1 thing that is at every American party is red cups. For some reason, people around the world are obsessed with the fact that Americans use red cups.

6. Here’s a tower of red cups from an American party in Russia:

7. And here’s more proof showing that people around the world are completely baffled by them:

10. The No. 2 thing they tend to have at American parties is popcorn.

This is from Spain.

11. Or, as it says in this American party spread, “pop corns.”

12. This table from a party in Spain combines both popcorn AND red cups:

13. Another popular item at American parties: marshmallows on a stick.

14. Basketball jerseys are a thing:

15. And here’s a bro with a Starbucks cutout and red cup from a party in Russia:

16. Now that you have a basic knowledge of American parties, here’s a sampling of photos from parties around the world.

17. Italy

18. France

19. Russia

20. Venezuela

22. Brazil


23. Russia

24. Australia

These were speech bubbles for a photo booth. SHAZAM!

25. Finland

26. France

27. U.K.:

28. And lastly, here are a few photos from a banger in Poland:

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