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    Sep 21, 2015

    This Is Probably The Most Awkward Wedding March Of All Time

    People getting married, listen up! This is how you do it.

    Published on Aug. 15, 2013, this video may be a few years old, but I can almost guarantee it will be the most memorable thing (besides Pizza Rat) that you see today.

    The video starts with the person filming it saying they're short and cannot see. Little do they know what they are about to witness will be one of the most unforgettable wedding marches of all time.

    Why is it so unforgettable? Not only does the bride dance to a live band version of Buckcherry's 2005 classic "Crazy Bitch," but there's also SO MUCH HAPPENING around her at the same time.

    The ultimate star of this video is the dad who immediately covers his kid's ears...

    ...and consoles him by telling him Aunt Becky isn't like his other aunts.

    The video ends with grandma ushering the children away, Debbie the bridesmaid getting into it, and Aunt Becky getting it on with her bandana'd husband. It's all so...iconic.

    Watch the full video here 🌚

    View this video on YouTube

    ONE LAST THING, the video is captioned:

    "My mom dancing down the aisle doin what she wants having fun and being her."


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