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25 Things That Are Waaaaay More Interesting Than Anything "Game Of Thrones"-Related


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1. This woman's harrowing adventure.

2. This very important thread about VeggieTales.

Via Twitter

3. A woman dipping a chicken finger into a Coke.

4. Literally just Oprah tweeting the word "He."

5. The recipe for ice cubes.

6. A pancake being tossed by the winds.

News 18 / Via

7. A literal squirrel fight.

News 9

8. This brave escape.

9. This gorgeous wedding.

10. The hero we all need: Aretha.

11. A veterinarian having a serious discussion with an overweight cat.

12. This controversial debate.

13. This other controversial debate.

14. This man's dildo injury.

15. This hurt dad.

16. This man's harrowing adventure.

17. The trials and tribulations of Rihanna's biggest fan.

18. Martha Stewart tweeting a blurry picture of a cow with the letter L.

19. This woman's elegant driver's license.

20. This garden party.

21. This nacho cheese attack.

22. Literally just a dude vapin' semen.

23. The Goat Lady.

24. This woman's treasure.

25. And the often talked about, never forgotten syrup crime epidemic of 2012.

We must never forget.

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