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    Someone Made An Ashley O And Ally Mashup And It's The Gayest, Most Incredible Thing Ever

    This is so important.

    We all became Ashley's Holes, enlisted in the Hole Army, and fully embraced cheap Halloween store lilac wigs when Ashley O released her gorgeous bop, "On A Roll."

    Ally completely changed the pop game, gave us the best SNL performance since Ashlee Simpson's hoedown, and *invented* conventionally bad pop music that's actually great when she released "ass like that" anthem, "Why Did You Do That?"

    In 2019, Ashley O. and Ally are the pop stars the world *truly* needs.

    Now, in something that can only be described as "very gay and very great," Andy Wu, one of the best mashup makers on the internet, has mashed together "On A Roll" and "Why Did You Do That?"

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    In conclusion:

    I can't stop crying. We did it kids.