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    17 "Hot Guys" From Your Childhood With Some Serious, Serious Thirst Traps

    Ashley Parker Angel is the clear and obvious winner of this one. Kudos to him for sharing *so much* with all of us <3

    1. Let's start with Casper ghost boy himself, Devon Sawa back in the 'ye ole' day:

    He's what we call a *master* thirst trapper:

    He really knows his angles 🥵

    2. Next up, Chad Michael Murray:

    Here's his thrist-trappin' self now:

    He loves a good gym selfie...

    3. Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel way back when:

    And ooh la la, here's a thirst trap:

    4. Here we have *bad boy* Shane West back in his rebellious spiky hair era:

    Wearing a leather jacket and jeans with spiked, dyed hair

    And here's the closest thing I could find of a thirst trap, a picture with a large starfish on a *sexy scuba-diving* expedition:

    5. Now for Rider Strong:

    He's more into the subtle thirst trap smolder:

    6. We have Ryan Phillippe way back when:

    He's always showing off his bodice.

    And for that, we're a big fan!

    7. Here we have my favorite BSB member AJ McLean back in the yonder years:

    Here's his contribution to the thirst trap-lovin' community:

    A little nip slip never hurt no one!

    8. Next up is lil' Jonathan Lipnicki:

    Here he is now:

    He's really into MMA.

    9. Next we have Lil Romeo when he was actually lil:

    And here he is now not so lil:

    10. Ricky Martin back in the olden days:

    He's still very much just as hot:

    And I always appreciate his thirst trap content:

    11. Omarion in his younger years:

    He's well-versed in the thirst trap...

    Like, he really knows what he's doing.

    12. Jacob Underwood from O-Town back in the day:

    And here's his modern day thirst trappin' self:

    And another in black & white:

    13. Trevor Penick from O-Town back in the early days:

    And here he is in all his thirst-trapping glory now:

    And a progress pic for good measure~

    14. Here's Jonathan Bennet in his Mean Girls heyday:

    And here he is now fully commanding your attention...

    He and his husband are very good at this sort of thing and by "this sort of thing" I mean thirst trapping.

    15. Jesse Bradford way back when:

    Smiling in jeans and a NY Yankees cap and mesh shirt

    He's very, very flexible...

    16. Here's Lenny Kravitz in the '90s:

    And here's his left butt cheek now:

    His IG is full of thirst traps of the more *artsy* variety.

    17. And last but not least, the KING of thirst traps, Ashley Parker Angel:

    His Instagram is FULL of horny pics.

    He's the thirstiest of them all.

    And for that, I thank you!

    I've always had a special place for "Liquid Dreams" in my heart <3