42 Things You’ll Only See In China

Alternate title: 42 reasons why I need to go to China. NOW. See also: 52 Things You’ll Only See In America.

1. A tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby:

2. Crocodiles for sale at Walmart:

3. Sharks for sale at Walmart:

4. Giant racks of meat for sale at Walmart:

5. And whatever this is for sale at Walmart:

6. Headphones like this:

7. A hotel shaped like a ping pong paddle:

China is making a bunch of stadiums shaped like various pieces of sporting equipment. The ping pong paddle will be a hotel.

8. A water park this crowded:

9. A pool this crowded:

10. A beach this crowded:

11. This meal:

12. This meal:

13. And this meal:

14. Old/new world bathroom options:

At a hotel in Shanghai.

15. A sign warning you not to light off explosives at a gas station:

16. A jacket with a fake scarf:

17. Photocopies of originals for sale:

18. Batman toys like this:

19. Whatever this thing is:

20. Award winning chicken:

21. Starbucks… but for tea:

22. A duck on a leash:

23. Monkeys with human heads:

24. Pandas doing manual labor:

25. Trucks upon trucks upon trucks upon trucks:

28. A scooter with this much sass:

29. People this passionate about chocolate peanut butter:

30. Multiple TVs on the back of a scooter:

31. Magical drug stores:

35. Donald Duck selling duck heads:

36. Some dude taking a nap on a chain:

37. Statues of people in the ’80s:

39. Awesome signs made by the government like this:

41. A cat with wings:

42. And a pig that can walk on two legs:

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