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10 Things Ryan Gosling Did In 2013 That Are 5 Billion Times More Interesting/Hotter Than Adam Levine’s Entire Life

Another year. Another shitty choice.

If you didn't hear the hilarious news, the permanently blind and out of touch People magazine published its list of the sexiest men alive. This year's winner: ultra-douche, Adam Levine.

Now, let's all collectively...




That was a relief.

Now just to demonstrate how wrong they were in this decision, let's go through pictures that are INFINITELY sexier than any picture of Adam Levine.

I present to you...

10 Things Ryan Gosling Did This Year That Are 5 Billion Times More Interesting And Hotter Than Literally Anything Adam Levine Has Ever Done

10. Bend over.

9. Lift a box.

8. Hold a bottle of water.

7. Confuse this woman in a striped shirt.

6. Reach for a map.

5. Hold a map.

4. Laugh at a woman with multiple sharpies around her neck.

3. Stand.

2. Look at the ground.

1. And lastly, get in an argument with a bush.