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33 Things People Who Like Being Tan Love To Hear

No shade. No really, shade is the worst.

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1. "You look so tan."

2. "You're so dark!"

3. "Holy shit, you're so tan."

4. "Wait... you're like really tan."

5. "Were you just on vacation?"

6. * Compares arms with pale person * "Whoa, you're so tan."

7. "Your tan looks so good."

8. "OMG your tan lines are ridic."

9. "I'm jealous of your tan lines."

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10. "Your tan is out of control."

11. "You're like really tan."

12. "No really, how did you get so tan."

13. "You're like Tan Mom."

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13. "Your eyes totally pop when you're tan."

14. * Wears light colors & gets compliments all day * "You look really tan right now." Thanks.

15. "I'm jealous of your tan."

16. "You're so tan. I'm so jealous." (There are multiple variations of this one.)

17. * Walk into the room after a weekend * "OMG, you're tan."

18. "I wish I could be as tan as you."

19. "You're like really really dark."

20. * Compares arms with other tan person * "You're darker."

21. * Compares arms with other tan person while someone else judges * "You win."

22. "I'm obsessed with your tan."

23. "Let's go tanning."

24. "Let's go to the pool."

25. "Let's lay out."

26. "I'm so excited to be tan again."

27. "You're always tanner than me."

28. "I'm so pale compared to you."

29. "Did you go to the beach this weekend?"

30. "You always get so tan."

31. "You look like you got color."

32. * Asks random person if you got color * "Yes."

33. "Let's sit in the sun."

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