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    20 Things Gays In The Early 2000s Wanted But Were Too Scared/Closeted To Get

    I still want all of these.

    1. Jessica Simpson's edible body lotion stuff

    2. Beaded room dividers

    3. A Bedazzler

    4. A Sidekick bedazzled in rhinestones

    5. A Pink Razr

    6. Milky gel pens

    7. Lip Smackers

    8. Easy Bake Oven

    9. Bath and Body Works splashes and creams

    10. Britney 4Wheelers

    11. Inflatable furniture

    12. Celebrity perfumes, like Glow by Jennifer Lopez

    13. A Turbie Twist

    14. Pollypockets

    15. Skydancer

    16. A subscription to Teen People, Tiger Beat, or Seventeen magazines

    17. A Hairagomi

    18. Herbal Essences shampoo

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    The orgasm shower commercial with Dr. Ruth is iconic.

    19. A Pocket Locker

    20. Spice Girls dolls