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    These Pictures Of "Walking Dead" Actors Doing Normal Stuff Are So Weird

    Because it's not actually the zombie apocalypse. Yet.

    1. Here's little Carl just snip-snappin' away.

    2. Tara foolin' around with her body double.

    3. Rosita and Eugene playin' tricks with the camera.

    4. The boys and Negan having a selfie moment.

    5. Eugene scooterin' away.

    6. Glenn and Maggie in better times...

    7. Maggie and Hershel in better times...

    8. Glenn seriously eyeing Noah's chips.

    9. Sleepover with the gang.

    10. Daryl casually taking a selfie with a Coke.

    11. Hershel celebrating his birthday in style.

    12. Abraham and Eugene getting their hair done.

    13. Daryl playing around with the Governor.

    14. Maggie and Carol <3

    15. Glenn and Hershel hitting the links!

    16. Daryl casually caressing Glenn.

    17. Carol taking an elevator selfie.

    18. Michonne and Carl sitting down and actually having a moment to themselves.

    19. Abraham giving full-on duckface with Sasha.

    20. Rick wearing his sunglasses inside with Eugene.

    21. Sasha and Glenn with little baby Judith in the background.

    22. Eugene, Carl, and Rick looking clean for once.

    23. Rick's eye.

    24. The group at Terminus <3

    25. And last, here's a picture of Carl at prom.