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These Pictures Show The Dramatic Difference Between Britney Spears And Kim Kardashian's Houses

And lots and lots of teeny-tiny furniture.

Last week, we took an exclusive look inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's re-imagining of a morgue in an abandoned hospital AKA their home.

This week, we'll take a look inside Britney Spears' house which is basically the opposite: An homage to the Olive Garden.

When you're here, you're family.

Britney is best known for her extensive collection of teeny-tiny furniture. She is somewhat a connoisseur.

She often highlights her vast collection of mini-couture couches in her Instagram videos.

She is always showing them off.

This tiny couch even has a tiny pillow.

Not only does her home contain tiny couches, but also, of course, a teeny-tiny bed.

It's comfortable and also practical if you're really really small.

One time Britney posted a picture of her Christmas tree but, let's be real, it was more of an excuse to show off the new addition to her tiny furniture collection.

Yes, there it is, Britney's very own teeny-tiny La-Z-Boy.

Kim's house, on the other hand, is more of an abandoned museum.

At the end of the hallway, she keeps a virgin heart.

This is where she cleans the bodies.

Back to Britney's house, this is what her house looks like during Christmas.

Not only is she extremely festive during the holidays, she is also festive year-round. Britney's house features Christmas tree lights 365 days a year.

She also collects mini throw rugs. They are scattered throughout her house.

Britney also has a painting room where she paints things like squiggles and leaves.

Her courtyard is also a source of art inspiration.

Back to Kim's house, this is how Kim does the holidays. I believe this is for Halloween.

It's just a pile of green pumpkins.

On Valentine's Day, they cover their living room in a nightmare inducing amount of individual roses.

They also keep Kenny G in the basement. On Valentine's Day, they let him out to play for them.

This is Britney's kitchen.

Britney's plates appear to be handmade at the local "drink and draw."

Lastly, Britney has a mythical tea room where she hosts mythical tea parties.

So, in summary, would you rather live in a Cheesecake Factory/Olive Garden hybrid?

Or a building where daily human sacrifices are made?

Sound off in the comments!

Correction! The mythical tea room is actually not in Britney's house. Not only does Britney collect teeny-tiny furniture, but she also has an extensive collection of tea cups and frequents tea shops around the globe. That tea shop is actually in Las Vegas and is called Cupkates.