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    There Is A Very Serious Movement To Bring Back SURGE

    This is real. There are billboards. Only you can make it happen.

    Of course you remember SURGE.

    The commercials:

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    The scream:

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    The slogan:

    Well, people apparently really miss it. Individual cans are selling on eBay for over $50.

    There was even an entire "30 Rock" episode devoted to it.

    And now a group of rabid fans have started a Facebook group demanding Coke gets SURGE back on the market.

    The most impressive part of the movement is their brand new billboard.

    The members of the Facebook group raised enough money for this billboard 1/2 mile away from Coke headquarters in Atlanta.

    According to one group member, a rep at Coke noted an increase in interest.

    But for now.... the world waits.

    You can join the SURGE Movement HERE.

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