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The U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team Is So Hot It's Problematic


Here's a cool thing.

The Summer Olympics are in a few-ish months — and the best sport (BESIDES WATER POLO) for people who are constantly dehydrated, men's gymnastics, has a cast of athletes who are really hot and often in various states of Lycra and undress.

Last week, the planets aligned and by the grace of God(ney), the members of the U.S. men's gymnastics team took a group selfie on the beach in Brazil.

Now this is how you #cometobrazil.

That's all very cool, but there's more.

Thing is: The U.S. men's gymnastics team has a history of being half-naked at all times.

The REAL truth is: They have the history of being quite...how do I say? "Thottie*" on Instagram.

And yeah, it's...PRETTY F*CKING COOL.

Shall we digress?

Yeah, duh, because there are mad shirtless pics of these guys online.

OK, so we'll start with Samuel Mikulak.

He is hot.

Paul Ruggeri, a personal fave, is also on the team...and hot.

Here's an excellent ass shot he posted on social media platform Instagram.

Jake Dalton, another member of Team USA, happens to also be quite hot.

Whether it's leg day...

...chest day...

...or ab day.

Jake Dalton is, again, always hot.

Watch in utter amazement as Danell J. Leyva works out.

Fun fact: He is furry AF!

Honestly, just feeling blessed right now.

Donnell Whittenburg is literally a muscle.

One big ol' muscle.

Brandon Wynn, YES PLEASE.

Brandon Wynn, I'll take two!

Brandon Wynn, are you even real?

Alex Naddour...

...a whole 'lotta tit.

And last but not least, Steve Legendre.

Here's a picture of him thinking about taking more shirtless pictures.

In conclusion, the Olympics need to start right now because my mouth is dry as hell because the thirst is real.

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