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    The 25 Most Powerful "I Want It That Way" Hand Movements

    The Backstreet Boys are the masters of hand dancing.

    Most people don't realize the difficulty and importance of dancing with your hands. No band has mastered this artform more than the Backstreet Boys, and no music video demonstrates this better than "I Want It That Way."

    Without further ado, here are the 25 most iconic hand dances from "I Want It That Way."

    Press play and scroll

    25. The You're In Really Big Trouble, AJ

    As demonstrated by Nick.

    24. The We're Actually Letting Kevin Sing

    As demonstrated by everyone.

    23. The Open-Armed Shimmy Shuffle

    As demonstrated by AJ.

    22. The Help Me Jesus

    21. The You Want The D

    20. The Finger Charge

    19. The Reverse Howie Grapevine

    18. The Testifying Brian

    17. The Nick Says No

    16. The Wipe Away Kevin

    15. The One Desire

    14. The Attention Whoreing AJ

    13. The YOU.

    12. The Low Swoop

    As demonstrated by Kevin.

    11. The Shrunken No No No

    As demonstrated by AJ.

    10. The Literal Tell Me Why

    As demonstrated by Nick.

    9. The Limp Wristed AJ

    The Limp Wristed AJ From Afar


    8. The Howie Isn't Having It

    7. The Finger Wiggle Kevin

    6. The Heart Hold Sky Point

    As demonstrated by Brian.

    5. The Swoop-Snap-Serve

    As demonstrated by everyone.

    4. The AJ Has A Problem With The Air So He Slaps It

    3. The AJ Has A Problem With The Sky So He Punches It

    2. I Seriously don't even know what to call this one...


    1. The Hello Hiding Howie

    BONUS: Here's a gif of Nick Carter ugly cry singing

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