16 Exotic Animals You Probably Didn't Know You Could Hunt

    Did you know you can hunt a giraffe?

    At the NRA convention there is an entire aisle dedicated to exotic animal hunting excursions. They had the prices advertised per-animal on pamphlets and signs. Most of the prices include accommodation.

    So, if you've ever wanted to hunt a leopard. I have the info for you!

    The booths have tons of pictures of kills from the hunts along with information about where they take place.

    Those are giant elephant tusks on the left, and a stuffed lion on the right.

    "The Experience"

    Some of the booths advertise "10 for 10" style deals.

    Almost all of them have a photo album of pictures of the hunt that you can flip through and see what you're in for.

    Now here are the prices in order from least to most expensive...

    16. Baboon: $150

    15. Warthog: $450

    14. Honey Badger: $1,000

    13. Zebra: $1,650

    12. Mountain Lion: $3,995

    11. Alligator: $1,275

    10. Giraffe: $3,750

    9. Canadian Moose: $5,000

    8. 5 random animals: $6,400

    7. Cape Buffalo: $10,300

    6. Bighorn Sheep: $12,500

    5. Hippo: $16,000

    4. Lion: $18,500

    3. 8 random animals: $17,500

    2. Leopard: $25,250

    1. Elephants: $31,450

    Or there's the $1,500 a day bargain.