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    The Kellan Lutz Bulge Picture Is Fake, But Don't You Worry! The Real Version Is Still Pretty Great

    True investigative reporting.

    This picture of Kellan Lutz has been going around lately. As you can see, his bulge is, well, fairly incredible. It's quite possibly up there with the Hammaconda. Yes, THE Hammaconda.

    But alas, as people say, if someone's bulge looks too good to be true than it probably isn't. And that's the case.

    This is the original untouched Kellan Lutz photo.

    WOMP WOMP. LIFE SUCKS. BUT, fear not sad bulge gawkers, it's really not that bad.

    In fact, these photos from 2009 prove that it is far from "alright". It's exceptional.

    Thank you for your time. This bulge has been DEBUNKED.

    We all win!