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The 25 Most Important Middle Parts In History

A look back at one of the most influential and powerful hairstyles of modern times.

25. The guy from Aerosmith's "Crazy" video

We'll just forget that he was arrested and looks like this today...

24. Taran Noah Smith

23. Breckin Meyer

22. Erik von Detten

21. Matthew Lawrence

20. Brad Pitt

19. Will Friedle

Apparently he still rocks the middle part today.

18. Zachery Ty Bryan

17. James Van Der Beek

16. Jonathan Brandis

15. Nick Lachey

14. Jared Leto

13. Keanu Reeves

12. Johnny Depp

11. Isaac Hanson

10. Stephen Dorff

9. Chris Kirkpatrick

8. Robbie Williams

7. Rider Strong

Especially here:

6. Taylor Hanson

5. Leonardo Dicaprio

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3. Devon Sawa

Stare into those eyes and check out that middle part!

2. Nick Carter

And the #1 most important middle part of all time is...

Wait for it...

Almost there...

1. Doo Doo Dooooo!!! JTT!!!!!!!


BONUS! Here are two double shots of mid-parts!

Thank you for your time.