The 25 Most Important Middle Parts In History

A look back at one of the most influential and powerful hairstyles of modern times.

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25. The guy from Aerosmith's "Crazy" video

The hottest mid-part from a music video extra on our list. The middle-parted Aerosmith Crazy dude instantly won the hearts of millions after skinny dipping with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone.

24. Taran Noah Smith


'Home Improvement's' little brother briefly rocked a side part, though his brothers are better known for it. We'll see if they end up on the list later on...

15. Nick Lachey


Nick Lachey's foray into the mid-part lasted a short time period, but was definitely an important transition for him. Nick would later "frost his tips", thus leaving the middle part behind. It misses you, Nick!

6. Taylor Hanson


Taylor was the only Hanson brother who ALWAYS had a middle part. As the lead singer, his hair was thrust into the spotlight. Needless to say, he did a lot for mid-part visibility.

5. Leonardo Dicaprio

Aw! Leo's middle part only lasted a few years as he tended to go for the side part later in life. But that doesn't mean we can forget his middle part because what a glorious middle part it was!

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Long and strong, that's how JGL did his part! The highest charting long haired middle part on the list. JGL's middle part is sometimes credited for 'Third Rock From The Sun' success.

2. Nick Carter

The most distinguished middle part from a boy band member. It might have been greasy, dyed, and gelled... but every single boy band member had a member that imitated this part. Thank you, Nick Carter for your tremendous contribution to boy band hair culture of the late '90s.

1. Doo Doo Dooooo!!! JTT!!!!!!!


OF COURSE Jonathan Taylor Thomas is #1! What would middle part culture be without him? His contribution to the culture were so great and vast I couldn't say enough about it in this little box. Let's just say this: When you think middle part who do you think of....

Thank you for your time.