The 25 Cutest Corgi Puppies Currently Online

If you like corgi puppies, then you need this post.

1. Siri

Siri was born in September and supposedly got stuck to a small shrub.

‘Grams taken later show that she got unstuck.

2. Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady has two pitbull sibs. They cuddle.

He’s also really into Homeland if that’s your thing.

5. Simba

Simba can currently fit into a small garbage can.

6. Buster

According to his Instagram bio, Buster likes chewing on rocks and making friends.

7. Ruby

Ruby can’t actually drive. She’s a dog.

8. Ke$ha

Supposedly distant cousins to THE Ke$ha.

9. Kahlua

Big fan of Christmas sweaters.

10. Penny

Penny loves to keep fit by being active. She likes grass.

11. Milo

Milo looks particularly cute wrapped in a towel post-bath.

12. Sir Dudley

Sir Dudley sleeps funny.

13. Geordi

Geordi looks super quiche in a bow tie.

This Halloween, Geordi dressed up as a character from Star Trek.

15. Bulleit

Bulleit is PAINFULLY cute.

16. Edison

Edison is from Sacramento.

This is what it looks like when he smiles:

17. King Arthur

King Arthur and his older brother are inseparable. They are perfect.

18. Stitch

Stitch is really into the holidays.

19. Iggy

Iggy has his own personal human photographer following him around at all times.

As you can see, being a model can be quite exhausting.

20. T-Rex

Don’t be deceived, T-Rex actually hates snow.

21. Momo

Momo is particularly skilled at looking cute while on his back.

22. Range and Bishop

More adorable corgi siblings. You can’t go wrong.

23. Ruxin

Ruxin is best known for sleeping and smiling at the same time.

24. Neville Longbottom

Neville literally can’t stay still.

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