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The 25 Cutest Corgi Puppies Currently Online

If you like corgi puppies, then you need this post.

1. Siri

Instagram: @sirithecorgi

Siri was born in September and supposedly got stuck to a small shrub.

'Grams taken later show that she got unstuck.

2. Foxy Lady

Instagram: @thecorgiadventuresof_foxylady

Foxy Lady has two pitbull sibs. They cuddle.

3. Iwok

Instagram: @iwokcorgi

Iwok likes to sleep.

He's also really into Homeland if that's your thing.

4. Trigger

Instagram: @trigger_the_corgi

Trigger hates baths.

5. Simba

Simba can currently fit into a small garbage can.

6. Buster

Instagram: @bigbabybuster

According to his Instagram bio, Buster likes chewing on rocks and making friends.

7. Ruby

Instagram: @rubythecorg

Ruby can't actually drive. She's a dog.

8. Ke$ha

Instagram: @keshacorgi

Supposedly distant cousins to THE Ke$ha.

9. Kahlua

Instagram: @kahluathecorgi

Big fan of Christmas sweaters.

10. Penny

11. Milo

Instagram: @milo_thecorgi

Milo looks particularly cute wrapped in a towel post-bath.

12. Sir Dudley

13. Geordi

Facebook: LaCorgi

Geordi looks super quiche in a bow tie.

This Halloween, Geordi dressed up as a character from Star Trek.

14. Waffle

15. Bulleit

Instagram: @superbulleit

Bulleit is PAINFULLY cute.


16. Edison

Instagram: @edisonfraps

Edison is from Sacramento.

This is what it looks like when he smiles:

17. King Arthur

Instagram: @royalcorgis

King Arthur and his older brother are inseparable. They are perfect.

18. Stitch

Instagram: @stitchthecorgi

Stitch is really into the holidays.

19. Iggy

Instagram: @iggylecorgi

Iggy has his own personal human photographer following him around at all times.

As you can see, being a model can be quite exhausting.

20. T-Rex

Instagram: @trexthecorg

Don't be deceived, T-Rex actually hates snow.

21. Momo

Instagram: @momo_corgi

Momo is particularly skilled at looking cute while on his back.

22. Range and Bishop

Instagram: @rangeandbishop

More adorable corgi siblings. You can't go wrong.

23. Ruxin

24. Neville Longbottom

Instagram: @nevillethecorgi

Neville literally can't stay still.

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