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The 20 Craziest Tyra Show Moments

A piece of me died when I found out the Tyra Show was ending. Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and Vaseline. I miss you already. <3

  • 1. Tyra Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Secret

    One of the most surreal moments in television history.

  • 2. Kiss My Fat Ass!

    Classic and typical.

  • 3. Fat Tyra

    Best idea ever.

  • 4. Tyra's Bathroom Advice

    Squat -> Pull forward -> Pee. Stay classy.

  • 5. Tyra Learns About Crack From Homeless Children

    In this clip Tyra goes "undercover" as a homeless person. The best part of this video is when Tyra introduces herself: "Hi, my name is Tyra."

  • 6. Tyra Teaches The Audience How To Burp

    Tyra is a scientist.

  • 7. Tyra Burps

    Like the last video, but more crude. She is so real.

  • 8. Tyra Goes To The DMV

    So much emotion... at the DMV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9. Tyra Strips To Her Underwear

    The best part of the Tyra show is the audience. They feed off of Tyra's insane energy.

  • 10. Tyra Goes Undercover As A Man

    The creepiest video on the list because it's SO REAL.

  • 11. Tyra Teaches Little Bow Wow About Sex

    The second creepiest video on the list.

  • 12. Tyra Burns Bras

    There isn't much to say about this picture, I just wish I was there.

  • 13. Tyra Talks With Primordial Dwarfs

    I would be so scared of Tyra (eating me) if I was one of those dwarfs.

  • 14. Tyra Goes Undercover As An Exotic Dancer Named ~Chanel~

    She just wanted to know why men go to strip clubs, okay? I also LOVE the name Chanel.

  • 15. Tyra Talk About Her Colonoscopy


  • 16. Tyra Falls Over

    Just because.

  • 17. Tyra's Real Hair

    Was that really her hair???

  • 18. Grabbing 50-Cent's Ass

    I don't really know the context of this picutre, but Tyra tends to grab things she should never EVER touch.

  • 19. Tyra Deals With Stereotypical Race Questions

    Only on Tyra: Why do white people always wear Birkenstocks?

  • 20. Whenever This Guy Was On