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The 15 Most Ridiculous Investigative Reports

Leprechauns, whistle tips, and cardboard bears. Here are the 15 best local news investigations ever.

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  • 1. Leprechaun's in Trees (Mobile, Alabama)

    Some of Alabama's finest citizens spot a leprechaun in a tree. Is there gold?

  • 2. Whistle Tips (Oakland, California)

    Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis are interviewed by local news reporters in San Francisco.

  • 3. Bear Sightings (Cleveland, Ohio)

    Fox 8 reports on a recent string of bear sitings by using a cardboard bear cut out.

  • 4. Jenkem (Jacksonville, Florida)

    Fox 30 reports on the huffing of "butt hash" aka fermented shit.

  • 5. What is Emo? (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

    WDAZ goes deep into the extreme and dangerous emo lifestyle.

  • 6. Ghost Riding The Whip (Seattle, Washington)

    King5 reports on the recent trend of "ghost riding the whip." Best part: 1:57.

  • 7. Cyber Stalking Costume Store Worker (Cranston, Rhode Island)

    I-team investigates a cyber stalker at a costume store. Video gets really good at 1:40.

  • 8. Jesus For Ransom (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

    Someone steals a Jesus statue and sends a ransom note claiming they won't return it until the owner cleans up her weiner poopies.

  • 9. Cat Burglar (North Idaho)

    One cats fetish for stealing underwear gets out of hand.

  • 10. "I Didn't Do It" Acid Eating Lady (Savannah, Georgia)

    A woman throws boric acid on her neighbors. When the local news comes to interview her shes wearing a "I didn't do it" shirt and eats the acid that's on her lawn.

  • 11. Penis Straws Being Sold At Walmart (Ironton, Ohio)

    A woman finds straws in the shapes of penises at Wal-Mart.

  • 12. Rats Take Over Lawn (Lexington, Kentucky)

    Neighbors complain about rats taking over their neighbors lawn.

  • 13. Michael Jackson's Face In A Tree Stump (Stockton, California)

    Michael Jackson's face shows up in a tree stump. According to residents, it's bigger than Jesus.

  • 14. Popeye's Runs Out Of Chicken (Rochester, New York)

    WHAM interviews customers outside a Popeye's in Rochester.

  • 15. Watching Porn Way Too Loudly (Milwaukee , Wisconsin)

    A man watches porn on loudspeakers. The situation turns sour quickly..