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The 15 Funniest Local News Reports Of 2009

Here are some of the most memorable local news segments of the year. I am officially inducting the Cleveland bear recreation into the "Local News Hall Of Fame." It will forever live in infamy with Bubb Rubb and the Leprechaun in Alabama.

  • 1. Rare Bear Sightings In Ohio

    Fox 8 in Cleveland uses a really awesome prop for a story about a recent string of black bear sightings.

  • 2. Grandma Beats Reporter With A Hoe

    When a news crew went to Rosemary Lumpkin's house, the woman who answered the door came after the cameraman with a garden hoe...

  • 3. Squirrel With A Yogurt Cup On Its Head

    WYFF 4 Photojournalist rescues a squirrel who got his head stuck in a yogurt cup.

  • 4. Costume Shop Owner Accused Of Cyber Stalking

    A costume-shop owner is accused of harassing a competitor. NBC 10 talks to the suspect in an interview you won't soon forget.

  • 5. Magical Standing Broom Stuns Alabama Town

    A broom standing upright and unsupported causes a commotion in a small Alabama town. Several hundred people have stopped by Vintage Blu, a yet-to-be-opened consignment shop, since the phenomenon was discovered.

  • 6. 10-Year-Old Obsessed With Vacuums

    Greg Evans has been into vacuums since age 3. His ideal vacation is the Hoover museum, and he can tell you which vacuum model is running just by hearing its sound.

  • 7. Drunk Dancing Teacher

    Students say the 8th grade teacher at Rushe Middle School also partially exposed her butt while trying to dance with a 13-year-old boy.

  • 8. Inside Horrorcore

    KPIX Channel 5 takes a look into the horrorcore rap scene on Friday The 13th for Insane Clown Posse's BANG! POW! BOOM! tour date in San Francisco.

  • 9. Beer Between The Legs Bandit

    A Louisiana woman was caught on tape stealing a 12-pack of beer and hiding it between her legs and underneath her moo moo. She also shoved several Coke cans down her top.

  • 10. Ambulance Stealer Had A Good Time

    State troopers say a woman stole an ambulance from a hospital and proceeded to go on a joyride looking for her boyfriend for over an hour.

  • 11. Michael Jackson's Face In A Tree Stump

    Michael Jackson's face has sensationally appeared on a tree stump in Stockton, California.

  • 12. Timmy Gets Hacked

    Timmy is high level player in an internet game site called RuneScape. But recently, Timmy learned this virtual world is full of some real life dangers.

  • 13. UFO Over Virginia Amusement Park

    An unidentified black ring appeared over a amusement park in Virginia. Some say UFO. This woman says God. Others say smoke.

  • 14. Popeyes Runs Out Of Chicken

    A Popeyes in Rochester, NY runs out of chicken, and only interviews black people and their subsequent outrage.

  • 15. Dead Deer In A Clown Suit

    Animal control officers in Sioux City, Iowa, say someone dressed a dead deer in a clown suit and wig and put it on a family's porch.

  • 16. BONUS

    This isn't an actual news report, but it is the best news fail EVER.