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26 Things That Summarize What It's Like Growing Up A Gay Man

*Does choreography to Britney's "Slave" alone in room* —> *hears a footstep* —> *Jumps on bed and pretends to do nothing*

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1. The best part of gym class:

2. The worst part of gym glass:

3. The reason why you watched soap operas with your mom:

When you're flipping TV channels with your mom in the room & pass by a movie with a shirtless guy. #GrowingUpGay

4. The most annoying question:

5. The second most annoying question:

6. OK nvm, this was the most annoying question:

7. The most important choice:

Trying to decide which part to sing #GrowingUpGay

8. When you were basically a spy:

#GrowingUpGay hearing your friends talk about gays not knowing you're one and feeling like an undercover spy infiltrating the hetero camp

9. Why having hot friends really meant something:

When you befriend all the hot girls, and guys can't make fun of you, cause girls will hate them #GrowingUpGay

10. That one girl who knew too much...


12. The obvious cover-up lol:

#GrowingUpGay "NO! I like Britney Spears because she's HOT"

13. The even more obvious cover-up lol:

14. The worst:

#GrowingUpGay When you were re enacting a pop concert in your room and heard footsteps

15. Also the worst:

#GrowingUpGay "Can I see your phone" "NO UHHH... No" "What you got something to hide?"

16. The "...":

#GrowingUpGay when my parents asked if the girls I hung out with were my girlfriends

17. The false hope:

18. The "mom's using the comp brb":

19. The aisle you always wandered into:

20. The store you always walked by:

#GrowingUpGay always trying to secretly look at the Abercrombie store while walking through the mall

21. When filling out (or not filling out) your Facebook profile meant something:

#GrowingUpGay purposefully not filling in the "interested in" section on Facebook

22. The Rachel Dolezal:

#GrowingUpGay Anyone: So you got a girlfriend? You:

23. Same goes for walking by the swim team:

#GrowingUpGay Walking by wrestling practice in school like...

24. What it was like watching TV with your parents:

#GrowingUpGay when you're watching a TV show with your parents and someone in it is gay and you're just there like

25. What it was like watching sports with your friends:

watching footballs games with your straight friends (gays are BEYONCÉ) #GrowingUpGay

26. Your life, summarized:

#GrowingUpGay *clears browser history*

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