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    The 23 Most Terrifying Things Justin Bieber Fans Have Done

    Bless 'em.

    1. Created a museum of his hair:

    2. Started an air collection:

    3. Made out with the ground:

    4. Made love with a poster:

    5. Commented things like this:

    6. And this:


    8. Fed him yogurt:

    9. Literally got hit by an automobile:

    10. Named every one of his body parts, including "Spike & Tike":

    11. The time honored tradition of vomit tributes:

    12. Hotel parkour:

    13. Come dangerously close to being armless:

    14. Made out with the ground again:

    15. Found out more about him than literally he knows:

    16. Took this username away from me:

    17. Promoted on toilet seats:

    18. Made Santa read this FILTH!!!

    19. Become impromptu barbers:

    20. "Met" him:

    21. Uhhh.... this:

    22. .........

    23. And invented "Satan's Dick":