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    31 Horrible Trends That Will Definitely Come Back Cause Humans Are Stupid

    All your tragic middle school outfits are coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you.

    1. Vagina jeans (aka jeans with a laced-up front):

    2. Frayed cutoff denim miniskirts accessorized with boomboxes:

    3. Ties worn over tanks or T-shirts:

    4. T-shirts or pants with vaguely sexual sayings or innuendos:

    5. Crochet dresses:

    6. Jeans without a waistband, like it's just cut off:

    7. Visors:

    8. Cropped jackets:

    9. Exposed thongs (aka whale tails):

    10. Random sections of crimped hair:

    11. Skunk highlights:

    12. Oversize blazers and jeans:

    13. Problematic graphic T-shirts:

    14. Wrestling drawstring pants (a play on vagina jeans):

    15. Itty-bitty baby sunglasses:

    16. The smaller the better (basically it barely only covered your eyeballs) and bonus points for light blue or purple tints:

    17. Really, any of these sunglasses that the Rock wore between the years of 2000 and 2003.

    18. Denim dusters:

    19. These ombré visor-esque sunglasses:

    20. The fauxhawk:

    21. Pleather bowling bags with numbers on them:

    22. Everything happening here with this boho-meets-A&F look:

    23. Belly chains that were accessorized with coins or large charms:

    24. Light-colored bootcut jeans worn with flip-flops:

    25. Knee-length denim skirts:

    26. Tight yet very chunky turtleneck sweaters:

    27. Bootleg jeans with weird embroidery on them:

    28. Pants without pockets and these thick-ass belts:

    29. Sunglasses with little gems on them:

    30. Wearing sunglasses that only people who live the Tour de France lifestyle should wear:

    31. And everything that Ashley Tisdale is wearing in this picture: