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25 Photos That Show The Good Old Days For Anyone Between The Ages Of 25-40

Remember when Facebook wasn't about being bombarded with your friends or families political views?

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1. When going on the computer didn't mean being bombarded by your great aunt's political opinions:

2. And when someone was actually being annoying, this was how you blocked them and they never even knew:

3. Basically, when Facebook didn't suck:

4. When this was the hardest question you had to answer:

5. When this was the best game to play:

6. When birthday parties weren't about friend dinners and splitting checks:

7. When these existed:

8. When a TV on a giant stand was the sign of a good day — literally no matter what was shown:

9. When you were entertained for hours by jumping around on furniture in your living room:

10. When your music choices were easy: Either the radio or all the CDs you carried around like a dang Bible!

11. When finishing your work meant playing this bomb ass game:

12. When breakfast was basically an archaeology exhibition:

13. When being healthy meant eating a Flinstone:

14. When these were plentiful and abundant:

15. When choosing emojis was easy (because there were literally only 16):

16. When cleaning your mouse was all the therapy you ever needed:

17. When your biggest decision about watching a movie was which Titanic tape you were putting in:

18. When this was the most stressful part of your week:

19. When pulling a coupon from a weird machine was oddly soothing:

20. When your savings account got a huge boost just for going to grandma's house:

21. When secretly passing a note in class felt like the most exciting thing you could do:

22. When you didn't have to worry about battery life or dropping your phone because it was basically an indestructible brick:

23. When there was no better way to spend a Friday night:


24. When this was the biggest thing people fought about:

25. And finally, when a big green box was the ultimate chill spot. The best play to go:

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