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24 Secrets Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You


1. Use your phone to skip the line:

2. Maximize straw efficiency:

3. How to make a s'mores latte:

4. Pink Drink is a must try:

5. How to keep your taste buds intact:

6. How to get more drink for your buck:

7. How to have Christmas year-round:

8. Coconut milk is clutch:

9. Optimize your cups:

10. Friendship goes a long way:

11. How to basically drink a brownie:

12. Use your top as a coaster:

13. Margaritas on the go:

14. Always use your rewards card at the airport:

15. How to get a venti for free:

16. Wine hacks:

Treinta kinda day. Did you know you can fit an entire bottle of wine in this cup? @naokoctopus #starbucks #yesplease

17. Order is important:

18. Trust the barista:

19. Irish butter is legit:

20. Coconut milk changes lives:

21. How to be fancy:

22. Everything is better heated up:

23. Mocha for the cheap:

24. And always thank your barista: