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    Updated on Jan 22, 2019. Posted on Jan 18, 2019

    26 CDs That Will Trigger Millennials But Do Nothing For Gen Zers

    *Dramatically prances around the room when the "Pure Moods" commercial comes on*

    1. The most dramatic, earthy, "direct from Europe" commercial ever:

    2. Invented feminism:

    3. Invented classical music and instrumentals:

    4. Wall to wall bangers:

    5. Their first CD:

    6. The gospel:

    7. Iconic "Candy" chanteuse:!10003!US!-1:rk:11:pf:0

    8. The soundtrack to that TV show "The Grind":

    9. Band-aids as fashion legend:

    10. Ended scrubs:!10003!US!-1:rk:28:pf:0

    11. The orange CD:

    12. An elementary school gym class staple:


    13. An important sequel:!10003!US!-1:rk:46:pf:0

    14. The CD cover you hid from your parents:

    15. The pop music Bible:

    16. Before tuna-chicken and swollen feet:

    17. The best indie rock album of all-time:

    18. One of the most iconic CD covers ever:

    19. Gwen and those guys:

    20. An important piece of infomercial history:

    21. The creator of punk rock:!10003!US!-1:rk:30:pf:0

    22. The most important soundtrack since "Titanic":

    23. Version 72 of the Destiny's Child lineup:

    24. Queen of pop:

    25. Emo:

    26. And, just like, hundreds of burned CDs that looked like this:

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