23 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Completely Crazy The Snow Is In Binghamton, New York

    I do not envy these people.

    1. In case you didn't know, there was a very, very big snowstorm that hit New York last night.

    41 INCHES of snow right now in my old local TV market? Insane. So many great people there, but I don’t miss Binghamton one bit for this exact reason!

    2. We're talking huge.

    Pic from friends near Binghamton 😮

    3. In some places near Binghamton, New York, it snowed 41 inches!

    Been shoveling since you went on the air. Four feet of snow in Binghamton NY area.

    4. All in one night!

    Last night versus this morning. It's still snowing. #binghamton

    5. That's the size of, like, a fifth grader.

    My Brother-In-Law’s girlfriend lives in Binghamton. Here’s her car. 😳 @WINSTRAFFICNYC @1010WINS

    6. Some of the pictures and videos coming out of Binghamton are somewhat terrifying, like this video of someone opening their garage door.

    Let’s take Winter Storm Gail down!! #binghamton

    7. These aren't little hills...

    How long do you think I need to let this heat up before it’s drivable?? #Binghamton #SnowStorm2020

    8. Those are cars.

    How’s your Thursday going?? #WinterStorm2020 @WBNG12News

    9. Seriously.

    Snowed in with my fav ❄️💙☃️ #binghamton

    10. Good luck getting out of that!

    11. People are speechless.

    @adam_gillwx @WeatherNut27 I'm at 36" now I'm speechless this..... it doesn't look real 😳

    12. In some places, it's up to the windows.

    @FancyLancy 39” in Binghamton area! ❄️

    13. It's as high as this four-foot fence.

    @SalSports @TevinWooten @weatherchannel My 4 ft fence...Binghamton

    14. It's halfway up USPS trucks.

    Mother Nature with a delivery in Binghamton overnight...

    15. It's basically the size of this lady.

    @JenCarfagno Binghamton snow totals 46 inches @weatherchannel

    16. This person's deck (and Christmas tree) disappeared.

    Before & after photos from just outside of Binghamton

    17. And this person's tape measure wasn't even big enough to measure the snow.

    Our 36-inch tape measure isn’t long enough to measure the snow on our porch. That about does it for me. #Binghamton

    18. Some people have to dig legit tunnels to get out of their houses.

    19. It's hard to make out what's even in this picture.

    @ReedTimmerAccu Photo took just west of Binghamton, NY

    20. So, next time you are complaining about the cold, just think about these people in Binghamton.

    @RadioFreeTom Near Binghamton, NY here .. nearly 3 ft. and still snowing. My nephew in the road walking to the town garage to plow at 2 am. It's still snowing!

    21. They won't forget this anytime soon.

    Just so much snow. #Binghamton #noreaster2020

    22. Lastly, I just want to say good luck to all the dogs out there.

    With 41" of snow in Binghamton, the dogs aren't interested in using the dog door.

    23. We're thinking of you today.

    Guess my dog’s not going to the bathroom today 🤷‍♀️ #binghamton #winterstormgail #41inches #recordbreaking