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38 Situations That Aren't Going To End Well

You can really tell when things aren't going to have a happy ending...

1. This fight between a boy and a chicken:

2. This lady's next dentist appointment:

3. This guy's night out:

4. This guy's car ride:

5. This stunt:

6. This guy's move:

7. Swimming with a lion:

8. This giraffe trying to have sex with a donkey:

9. A ride down this slide:

10. This walk home from the beach:

11. Macho Man Randy Savage bodyslamming Jesus:

12. This chicken's life:

13. This lady's face:

14. This guy's encounter with the police:

15. Going to this park:

16. This guy's motorcycle ride:

17. Buying a piece of "gum" from this "gumball" machine:

18. Dealing with these cats:

19. Hot tubbing with a bear:

20. This guy's day at the park:

21. This driveway:

22. Whatever these dogs are going to do with this motorcycle:

23. This game of guitar soccer:

24. This horse trying to get on a boat:

25. This whole ordeal:

... is not going to end well.

26. This backyard jousting fight:

27. This kid's trip to the petting zoo:

28. This bus ride:

29. This cat trying to get through a door:

30. This guy's morning stroll:

31. This belly flop:

32. This carpool:

33. This kid's day at the playground:

34. This pool party:

35. A fight with this old lady:

36. This baby's life:

37. This guy's next trip to the toilet:

38. Whatever is about to happen in this photo:

... is not going to end well.

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