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    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    14 Creepy Things That Scared The Shit Out Of Me In March

    *Poops pants*

    1. This special about Maura Murray, a college student who went missing 13 years ago in New England.

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    First off, Disappeared is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. This is one of my favorite episodes. Maura Murray is a student from the University of Massachusetts Amherst who left campus (without telling anyone) and drove to New Hampshire. Her car was found crashed into a snowbank on the side of the road and she hasn't been seen since. Some theories are that she wandered in the woods, another is that someone with bad intentions picked her up, and another is that she's alive and well living some place else.

    2. This video re-creating Maura Murray's "final" drive to New Hampshire.

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    After watching the video above (or reading about) the Maura Murray case, then you should watch this video of someone making Maura's "last drive." Re-tracing someone's final "steps" is always v. v. scary.

    3. BuzzFeed Unsolved: The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children

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    Full disclosure: I work for BuzzFeed (lol). But yeah, BuzzFeed Unsolved is my favorite thing. It's so good. This is my favorite episode... so far. On Christmas night there was a fire at the Sodder house. The Sodder's had 9 children. Four of them made it out alive. The other five disappeared. DUN DUN DUN.

    4. This BBC short on the Grindr Killer.

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    A 20 minute doc about your biggest fear about online dating/hookup apps. Yay!

    5. The Jeffrey Dahmer Stone Phillips interview.

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    The first and last network television interview with Jeffrey Dahmer. "Jeff" is so calm during this interview it's insane. It's straight up bizarre.

    6. This Helios "Ghost Plane" Flight 522 documentary.

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    Don't ask how I fell down a plane crash documentary k-hole but... I DID! This shit is scary as hell. Helios Flight 522 was supposed to fly from Cyprus to Athens, Greece but never made it. All the people on board became unconscious and the plane just kind of coasted for a very long time before it crashed. The creepy part is the military was deployed to try to get the attention of the plane but no one responded. Truly ghostly.

    7. This mini documentary about the demise of Nickelodeon Studios.

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    This isn't exactly scary, at all. It's just really interesting. This is a short little doc about the rise and fall of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando.

    8. This mini documentary about Blockbuster.

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    Again, this isn't really scary. It's just really interesting. This mini doc is about the rise and fall of Blockbuster. I guess things that are abandoned are inherently a little creepy to me.

    9. Dan Bell's tour of an abandoned Ames store.

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    If you don't remember or don't even know, Ames was once a huge department store in the '90s. Dan Bell takes you through the mini history of Ames and then tours an abandoned Ames location. The fire alarm in the abandoned Ames is going off the entire time which is legit creepy. The stock room is also completely full which is... weird.

    10. This clip from an old Unsolved Mysteries episode about the real life Jeepers Creepers.

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    I didn't realize that the movie Jeepers Creepers was based on a true story until my friend sent me this clip! This video is from an old Unsolved episode and it's fucking scary. I've always found the movie Jeepers Creepers terrifying but had no idea that they literally based the first part of it on a real event! Fuh-uck me.

    11. The "missing time" episode from Unsolved Mysteries (season one, episode 10)

    FYI, if you didn't know, the first three seasons of Unsolved Mysteries have been added to Amazon Prime. I've been shittin' my pants for days! My favorite episode I've watched so far has been about "missing time." Missing time is a phenomenon some people who've been abducted by aliens experience. The interviews with the people who've experienced this are chuh-illing. It's made even scarier by the fact that this Unsolved footage is old as hell now. Watch here (if you have Prime.)

    12. This story about a women being the lone survivor of a plane crash and surviving 192 hours alone in the Vietnamese jungle.

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    Again, another plane crash thing. Sorry. This short animated doc is my worst nightmare.

    13. This Heaven's Gate BBC documentary.

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    Cults are fucking freaky but also one of my fav things. No other cult sticks with my 20-something self quite as much as the Heaven's Gate cult. Growing up, the only thing I really knew about Heaven's Gate was that they committed suicide in Nikes. This doc explains what it was like being in the cult and how it came to be. Shit is super fucked up. For example, the men castrated themselves!!!

    14. These interviews with people from the Heaven's Gate cult right before they "exited the human kingdom."

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    After watching the BBC documentary above, I looked into Heaven's Gate some more and found this two hour video of the Heaven's Gate cult members right before they committed suicide. It's basically a two hour video of the cult members justifying their suicide. It's fucking wild and the birds chirping in the background make it even more eerie.

    Have any suggestions for scary things I should watch? Please post in the comments!

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