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Rita Wilson Made A "Quarantunes" Playlist While She And Tom Hanks Are Quarantined And Now "Locked Up" By Akon Has A Totally Different Meaning

Alexa play "All By Myself" by Celine Dion.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are currently our first couple of Coronavirus.

They're quarantined in Australia but doing okay!

From here on out, the only Corona I want is from Mexico and you drink it.

Last night, Rita tweeted that she wanted to make a playlist of quarantine songs for people who were self-quarantining.

Hi guys!I want to make a @Spotify playlist for people self quarantining.Something that might relate to isolation, perhaps? Can you send some song ideas that I can add?Also, what should we call it?Quarantine Choruses? This is what one does in quarantine.Uthink of stuff like this.

The responses started rolling in...

@RitaWilson @Spotify All by Myself by Eric Carmen (not Celine Dion)

@RitaWilson @Spotify You Can’t Touch This

@RitaWilson @Spotify I think we’re alone now by Tiffany

@RitaWilson @Spotify "Just the Two of Us" Grover Washington Jr.

@RitaWilson @Spotify “Don’t You Forget About Me” “Time After Time” “Surrender” (cheap trick) “Too Much Time on My Hands” “Ooh Child” “Here Comes the Sun”

@RitaWilson @Spotify I’m Coming Out- Diana Ross, for the end of it

@RitaWilson @Spotify Wilson Phillips “Hold On”

@RitaWilson @Spotify Toxic -Britney Spears Sicko Mode -Travis Scott Mask off -Future No scrubs -TLC Bye bye bye -NSYNC Hot n Cold -Katy Perry Complicated -Avril Lavigne If I could turn back time -Cher U can’t touch this -MC Hammer Stayin’ Alive -Bee gees In the air tonight -Phil Collins

@RitaWilson @Spotify "Survivor" Destiny's Child maybe?

@RitaWilson @Spotify “Hello Walls”

@RitaWilson @Spotify Don’t Stand so close to me- The Police

...And just like that, we have QUARANTUNES.

And the winner for the quarantine playlist naming is QUARANTUNES! Head to @Spotify to listen

Listen to the playlist here: