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    I Am Completely Obsessed With These Pictures Of Rihanna Going Clubbing In Pajamas And Bunch Of Solo Cups

    "Whatever whatever I do what I want" - Rihanna and Cartman. Legends only.

    Hey lady girls (or whoever clicked on this), you know how it is. You're going to the clerb and you're getting ready with your girls.

    Bethenny Frankel

    Hair done, tits out for the boys, shots and the usual. We're getting messy tonight.

    Buuuut, I'm not here to talk about you basic plebes and your shoes that don't fit. I'm here to talk about fucking Rihanna.

    Just when I thought Rihanna couldn't be any more gorgeous, richer, or successful with a ton of number ones...she goes out with a red cup and those red cup shot glasses you buy at Party City.

    Splash News

    *Drunk girl in the club shrieking in the bathroom voice* Iconic!

    Splash News

    Let's break this down: We have fuzzy white sandals, a sensible purple tracksuit, sunglasses, a red cup, and two red cup shot glasses. 2012 Snooki is shaking in her crib (because she's a mom now).

    Splash News

    So yeah, this is just a celebration of Rihanna showing us what Fashion Week is really about, which is literally nothing because everyone knows Fashion Week isn't a real thing and is basically just an excuse to get drunk and eat shitty sliders.

    Splash News

    In conclusion, suddenly I am interested in clubbing.

    MTV / Via

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