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I Am Completely Obsessed With These Pictures Of Rihanna Going Clubbing In Pajamas And Bunch Of Solo Cups

"Whatever whatever I do what I want" - Rihanna and Cartman. Legends only.

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Just when I thought Rihanna couldn't be any more gorgeous, richer, or successful with a ton of number ones...she goes out with a red cup and those red cup shot glasses you buy at Party City.

Let's break this down: We have fuzzy white sandals, a sensible purple tracksuit, sunglasses, a red cup, and two red cup shot glasses. 2012 Snooki is shaking in her crib (because she's a mom now).

So yeah, this is just a celebration of Rihanna showing us what Fashion Week is really about, which is literally nothing because everyone knows Fashion Week isn't a real thing and is basically just an excuse to get drunk and eat shitty sliders.